His and Her Bathroom – The Best of Both Worlds

Wolfgang Richter professional residential home designer

Wolfgang Richter
professional residential home designer

A bathroom is a very personal thing. It is, most importantly, very, very private. To increase the value of any house, the money you spend on a bathroom remodel is almost always worth it, for the present enjoyment and for the later resale of your home.

The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple enough—bigger and better. Bathroom remodels remain one of the most common home improvement projects, and there’s no end in sight. These remodels can include knocking out walls to create more space. New home construction is continually upping the ante for bathroom size. Similarly, bathroom design is about maximizing the use of that space. If your bathroom hasn’t been updated in a while, you may be surprised to find there’s a whole new array of choices. Today’s bathrooms are no longer utilitarian, but a showroom of their own.

Depending upon the user of the bathroom, there are different choices and layouts. You may opt for a full bathroom of minimum size, or a bathroom, which is compartmentalized, to double the usability by adding a privacy wall. For guest rooms, a shared bathroom is a common solution and for couples, a bathroom with separate areas comes to mind.

His and Hers private bath room


How sweet it is!

The ultimate bathroom layout is to have separate His and Her bathrooms off the master bedroom. It serves the very private needs of both spouses and at the same time, the whirl pool with common access provides delight at the right time. The layouts show some of many solutions, but a lot of variations are possible and countless different interior designs can have a multitude of special effects for the personal taste of the user of his and her “sanctum sanctorium”. Glass walls, tiles of unbelievable diversity, sizes and price ranges, showers with “tower showers” and music are just a few examples. Whirlpools in bay windows can be a focal point and decorated with tiles to have a special personalized effect. The bay window can be a picture window with a view to wonderful mountains to soothe your senses after a hectic day.

Double Showers and Horizontal Spas

Various luxury shower installations are as various as they are popular. Everybody has their own preferences and needs, but everybody wants to have a quality shower experience every time. Double shower heads can maximize space and give you a total shower experience that won’t leave half your body still freezing when you enter the shower. Two-person showers and separate shower and tub installations are also becoming increasingly popular for large bathrooms.

Whirlpools provide the ultimate therapeutic massage, but the vertical spa is a way of achieving close to a full-body massage in your shower stall. Water jets are aligned vertically along your shower wall. High-end vertical spas will come with a number of adjustable settings and can be customized to any set of specifications.


The ultimate
Spa Experience

Your Private Spa – Is a Home Addition in your Future?

As mentioned above, the trend is bigger and better. This may necessitate putting a small addition on your existing home. This is all precious real estate you are adding to your home. Enjoy it now, the higher value of your home, whenever you decide to sell it, is guarantied.

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