Do You Buy a Car by the Pound ? (Part 2)

To buy or compare one home to another by the square foot method is misleading to all concerned. This worked well in the olden days, when Lincoln style cabins or shotgun houses was the way to build houses. We still, grudgingly, apply this method, because there does not seem a better way.

The better approach: The design method

Residential retirement home designed by Wolfgang

Residential retirement home designed by Wolfgang

 To give you a better and much narrower range of the cost of your future home, have a designer put all your ideas on paper. This includes several steps, where the home of your dreams and its features are documented in floor plans, elevations, colored 3D pictures inside and outside, ceiling heights, personalized kitchen layouts, external features and many others. And, as always, keep later years in mind and avoid steps you have to climb as a daily necessity. There will be many questions early in this process, but they will come sooner or later anyway. When they come sooner, changes have to be made on paper, which is much cheaper than the changes in the field, when walls, windows or fixtures have to be moved. A residential designer can save you lots of money in cost over-runs after the house building process is complete. Cost over-runs can be avoided by proper planning and a complete 3d home design package, which you can give to the prospective builder for bidding. Only this approach is fair to both parties, the owner and the builder of your future home. In fact, what you pay the design professional is what you save manifold during the construction process.

About Wolfgang

I love to design residential homes, and for that matter, any building. Creating a structure, putting the thoughts on paper, generate a construction drawing any builder can work from, following the building process and seeing the finished physical product - that excites me over and over again. I did project work and site management for all sizes of industrial manufacturing plants, working with people of all backgrounds and languages in Europe, Africa and Asia. Now I am downsizing, working as a solo entrepreneur in an active resort community in western North Carolina, designing easy living homes for customers looking forward to their later years in life. See their many testimonials how they like my work.
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