Complete 3D Home Design
Complete 3D Home Design
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Complete 3D Home Design FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much will it cost to design my home?
Amazingly, it will only cost approximately 1-2% of the entire amount of your finished project. It doesn't cost to have a home designed, it really pays! Think about it, the cost is probably LESS than what you'll have to pay your lender for their fees to get you your loan. A firm price for the service can only be obtained after a detailed discussion of the customer’s requirements.


What process is required to have a home designed for me?

You need to have a general feeling for what you want for your new home. Some basic decisions to share with your home designer:
a) Number of bedrooms
b) Approximate square footage
c) Multi, or single stories
Remember: Any information you can provide up front will assist in streamlining the design process


I already have a 'basic idea' or a sketch/floor plan in mind, can you design a house from that? 

Of course! In fact, the more information you have from the start, the more time and money you will save.


How do we interface during the design process? 

The design of your home will be 100% interactive. We will be in touch frequently, either in person or by internet, via e-meetings. There we will fine-tune the design on line in real-time. If you have chosen a builder prior to the design process, he will be kept “in the loop” at all times.


What is an e-meeting?

In order to have good interaction with the customer, communication is essential. This can be done in face-to-face meetings, which are only practical when both parties live in close proximity. However, this is seldom the case. E-meetings brings designer and customer together worldwide through the internet. All meeting participants have the same floor plan or 3D views on their monitor in real time on-line. Some folks call this "screen sharing". Fine tuning of the design is made at that time, with immediate feedback of the customer by checking any change with a camera view.


This means..... 

  • We are able to discuss the house plans with those who live a great distance from our office.
  • You also have control of the keyboard and mouse at all times.
  • No one will log in without your permission. Each session must be started by you.
  • You have the ability to disconnect the session at any time.
  • Note: GoToMeeting will NOT increase your computer's risk of being "hacked." The connection is encrypted and protected.

What is a Client Viewer?

A Client Viewer is software available free of charge to all my clients. It is essentially the same software I am using to design your house, but you can not make changes. However, you can evaluate the floor plan, look at elevations and 3d models and most importantly, can look at the house at any angle inside and out with a built-in camera. Vector views, render views and “glass house” views are available for you to use. This is an excellent tool to get prepared for the next meeting, either in person or in an e-meeting.


Pat & Angelo Grillo:

"On December 22, 2006 we moved into our new mountain home, which was designed by Wolfgang Richter and built by Dave Mathews. Working with Wolfgang made the design process much more comfortable and, I'm sure a lot less expensive. He responded to our requests with three dimensional drawings and many suggestions for improving upon the features that we wanted to see in our home. Since we were 700 miles away, we especially appreciated his ability to email us the 3D drawings and plans as PDF documents. This permitted us to see exactly how our house would look and also made it so much easier for us to interact with the builder. We would highly recommend Wolfgang's services to anyone planning to build a custom home."

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