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Complete 3D Home Design

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Bath Rooms – The Most Expensive Real Estate in Your House
Increase the value of your home

By Wolfgang Richter



In one of my previous articles I wrote about down sizing, but upgrading your present house or the house you have in mind to build. One of the most expensive rooms in your house are the bath rooms, because of the many fixtures and the available variety of it. A visit to the home improvement centers in the area will prove my point. Just go to the faucet department and try to come up with a quick decision to buy the kind you want. The assortment seems endless, and so is the price of your future or remodeled bathroom.

A bathroom is a very personal thing. It is, most importantly, very very private. To increase the value of any house, the money you spend on a bathroom is almost always worth it, for the present enjoyment and for the later resale of your home. The ultimate bathroom layout is to have separate His and Her bathrooms off the master bedroom. It serves the very private needs of both spouses and at the same time, the whirl pool with common access provides delight at the right time. The layouts as shown in this article show some of many solutions, but a lot of variations are possible and countless different interior designs can have a multitude of special effects for the personal taste of the user of his and her “sanctum sanctorium”. Glass walls, tiles of unbelievable diversity, sizes and price ranges, showers with “tower showers” and music are just a few examples. Whirlpools in bay windows can be a focal point and decorated with tiles to have a special personalized effect. The bay window can be a picture window with a view to our wonderful mountains to soothe your senses after a hectic day.

In recent years, another idea seems to surface more and more: The Walk-in Shower.

The walk-in shower is mostly located in a corner of the bathroom. It needs more space than a regular square or rectangular shower stall and has no doors. It is mostly tiled and the shower head is situated so that the water can not splash to the outside. A transom window should be added to let natural light in the shower area to avoid build-up of mildew. Other sources of light can be dormers, clerestory windows or light tubes. We are all comfort-loving creatures. We turn to the sun, seeking light and warmth, needing it to nourish both spirit and body. And our own most private room should be the place to enjoy just that.

While windows at eye level can provide view as well as light and offer a wider variety of shading options, there are many situations, like bathrooms, in which it is desirable to bring light into a space from above. A skylight may be the only option; it creates dramatic light in a setting with complete privacy. Its light can be reflected back to the ceiling by a “light shelf”, which results in a brighter space with less glare.

If you think it is a bit lavish to have a his and her bathroom, you can use one bathroom as an occasional powder room. This is especially advisable, when daytime visitors are very infrequent. However, the house plan has to be laid out accordingly.

Whenever possible, bathrooms as well as the master bed room should have 3 feet wide doors. This is important for wheelchair access if ever needed. ADA regulations for public bathrooms require a 5 foot turning radius within the bathroom. Not a bad idea for your private bathroom as well.


Complete 3D Home Design can help you with the layout of your “most expensive real estate” in your house, fulfilling a dream come true.





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